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Department of Administrative Services Active Shooter Response Training Connecticut State Employees to prepare for and respond to an active shooter event. Schedule
Department of Administrative Services Workplace Violence Prevention Workplace Violence Prevention is a mandatory training for all state employees by statute. The goal is to create safe respectful workplaces, identify prohibited behaviors, and recognize early warning signs for potential workplace violence incidents. Schedule
Office of State Ethics Ethics 101 The Code of Ethics tells public officials and state employees what they should do in challenging situations. This course is intended for new and existing employees who need to meet their annual training requirement. Schedule
Department of Motor Vehicles Protecting Sensitive Information - 2017 Protecting Sensitive Information Schedule
Department of Rehabilitation Services DORS Diversity Training Diversity Training is a mandatory training for all state employees. This training will give employees the skills they need to promote awareness of and respect for diversity in the workplace. Schedule
Department of Rehabilitation Services DORS New Employee Orientation The new employee orientation will provide you with an overview of our Agency and your benefits. Schedule
Department of Rehabilitation Services DORS Progressive Discipline Training A Mini-Seminar Schedule
Department of Consumer Protection eLicense Training – Creating RTF Letter Templates In this hands-on training, you will work on creating or updating an actual letter that you can use within eLicense. You will learn how to merge data from eLicense into your letter, as well as how to set it up in the system and use it. Schedule
Department of Consumer Protection Browsing the World Your browser is your window to the world. Information on practically any subject can be found using your browser. Access to all your web based applications including elicense, email, and contact information can be accessed using your browser. In this class you will learn how to access State applications. How to search for information using Bing and Google. How to create and manage shortcuts to your most used sites. Schedule
Department of Consumer Protection eLicense – Working with Contacts and Addresses The basis of all work in eLicense is the contact; they are used in credentials, cases, inspections and more. It is critical that contacts are entered and selected accurately, avoiding duplicates, and ensuring that information is not inadvertently changed. Learn how to ensure you have the right contact, and how to add additional addresses and information to a contact without removing the existing information. Schedule

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