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CT Education Academy Program Features

The CT Education Academy is a State of Connecticut educational environment which provides an anywhere, anytime online “university” approach to workforce training. The three main objectives of the system are to provide: a centralized, online vehicle for the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to deliver state mandated workforce training; a vehicle for the state workforce to take advantage of professional development opportunities in a flexible online environment; and a vehicle for state agencies to deliver interactive online training to their state constituents.

The program provides:
  • Alignment with the Governor’s Key Priorities, specifically to meet the strategic priority of increasing employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Centralized training delivery and longitudinal reporting system
  • Reduction in agency costs in supporting in-person training efforts (staff, consultant, facility, materials, and travel costs)
  • Reduction in agency costs in staff training (mileage, time out of the office)
  • Reduction in agency duplication (multiple versions of same content)
  • Consistency in content and delivery for effective training
  • Increased access to professional development opportunities (anytime, anywhere)
  • Increased access to state mandated training (DAS)
  • Increased training efficiency (learning outcomes based assessment training)
  • Increased access for the disabled workforce (ADA/508 accessible)

The CT Education Academy features an administrative system for all user, course and enrollment management functions as well as a seamless connection to the Blackboard Learn© course delivery system for all online coursework.

The platform offers:
  • Unlimited parent/child organizational relationships, allowing an agency to accommodate bureaus, divisions, and various locations
  • Easy batch user creation
  • In-person, online, and blended course delivery options
  • Catalog availability (state-wide, agency only, invite only)
  • Enrollment options (start/end date, days to complete, waitlist)
  • Learner self-enrollment options
  • Grouping (enrollment, reporting, etc)
  • Reporting on completion, compliance, roster reconciliation and more.
  • Digital course certificates
  • Blackboard Learn © course delivery system
  • 508/ADA accessibility standards
The program will undergo a continuous improvement review.

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