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Technical Support

The CTDLC Support Center is your technical support resource for the Connecticut Education Academy. The Support Center will assist users in accessing and navigating through the CEA portal (provide link), as well as provide technical support for the courses delivered in Blackboard. Here is some helpful information, should assistance be needed:

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Thurs: 9AM-5PM EST
  • Fri: 9AM-4PM EST
  • Sat, Sun: closed

Contact Information

Online Resources

System Requirements

End user systems vary from location to location. The basic configuration you’ll need to be successful in engaging with the course content includes:

  • Functioning PC or Mac computer with media card
  • Media Players such as:
    Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or QuickTime
  • Recent Browser versions:
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome
  • Microsoft Office Suite (or compatible viewers) to view MS Word documents

Users may run a browser check to review their system configuration at

Blackboard Browser Support for Current Release

Supported Browsers

Blackboard supports four primary browsers for their releases. Links to the vendor sites for the browsers are included below. The browser versions listed are those that were available when this version of Blackboard Learn was released. These are not the only browsers supported on this release.

Traditionally Released Browsers (the dates listed are the original release dates for general availability).
Some configuration options for Internet Explorer might make some features of Blackboard Learn difficult to use. To learn more, see Internet Explorer Security Zones and Compatibility View topic in this section.
  • Internet Explorer® 11 from Microsoft (17 October 2013 for Windows 8.1, 7 November 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 10 from Microsoft (26 October 2012 for Windows 8, 26 February 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft  (14 March 2011)
Safari for Windows is unsupported. Apple's continued support for this browser is unclear, and Blackboard does not test it.
  • Safari® 7 from Apple (22 October 2013)
  • Safari® 6 from Apple (25 July 2012)

Automatically Updated Channel-based Browsers (The dates listed are the latest numbered patch release dates).
  • Firefox® 28 (stable channel) from Mozilla (18 March 2014)
  • Firefox 24 (ESR channel) from Mozilla (17 September 2013)
  • Chrome™ 34 (stable channel) from Google (8 April 2014)

Both newer and older browsers from these vendors may be supported. To learn more, see the Browser Support Policy topic in this section.

Configuration Notes

  • Internet Explorer is only supported in Standards Mode.
  • Blackboard strives to make all its products as accessible as possible. JAWS 14 and 15 were used during accessibility testing of 9.1 April 2014.
  • Chrome support: due to the auto-update feature of Chrome, support is based on the version available at the time of testing. 9.1 April 2014 was tested with Chrome 34.
  • Firefox support: due to the auto-update feature of Firefox, support is based on the version available at the time of testing. 9.1 April 2014 was tested with Firefox versions 28 and 24 (ESR).
  • Note on OSX 10.8 Java is no longer shipped as part of the OS install and must be downloaded and installed by users on request of application/applet - this is a one-time action on the part of the user.

Technologies NOT Supported

  • Window XP
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
  • Firefox 1.x, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 3.6
  • Safari 2, 3, 4, 5 (or any version on Windows)
  • Mac OSX through 10.6
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5

Adapted from Blackboard Help at

Browser Plugins

Java and Other Browser Plugins

A handful of features in Blackboard Learn require particular additional software to be installed. Without these, the features themselves do not function. For this release of Blackboard, the following features have plugin requirements:
  • Multiple file uploads in Course Files and Content Collection requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Oracle enabled as a browser plugin. The single file upload tool does not have this requirement. The upload applet is signed by Blackboard and includes a timestamping authority that allows the applet to run even after the certificate has expired. 
  • The Virtual Classroom Tools in courses require the JRE from Oracle enabled as a browser plugin. The Virtual Classroom applet is signed by Blackboard and includes a timestamping authority that allows the applet to run even after the certificate has expired. 
  • The Meeting Room and Blackboard Collaborate synchronous communication features, available via Building Block, require the JRE for access to the rooms, but do not require the browser plugin. Blackboard also has additional information about how Blackboard Collaborate uses Java in the Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal.
  • The Record from Webcam feature of the Content Editor requires the Flash Player browser plugin from Adobe to successfully save the recordings to YouTube.

JRE version 7 is the recommended version for features that depend on it. JRE version 6 may work, but could result in unexpected behavior. Oracle has acknowledged some security issues with JRE version 6.

On Apple Mac OS X, Google's Chrome browser does not support Java 7 because of incompatibilities between 64-bit Java and 32-bit Chrome. Firefox and Safari browsers do not have this limitation on Mac OS X. Users of the Chrome browser on Mac OS X must configure Java 6 support to access the features listed.

Adobe Flash Player version 11 is the recommended version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin, but the YouTube service ultimately determines the version required for this plugin. 

Blackboard Learn does not require any other browser plugins. To learn more about browser plugins, assistive technology, and other supporting software, see the Browser Support Policy topic in this section.

Plugin Links

Adapted from Blackboard Help at

For more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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